Photos (left to right): Tucson Mountains, AZ; Mono Lake, CA; Mt. Adams Wilderness, WA; All photos by Jonathan J. Rhodes


•    Analysis of effects of water and land use on streams and other aquatic resources, including native salmonids and their habitats
•    Assessment and diagnosis of watershed and stream conditions
•    Design and implementation of  watershed and stream condition and trend monitoring
•    Development of site-specific and programmatic watershed, stream, and aquatic habitat restoration and protection measures
•    Analysis of groundwater-surface water interactions
•    Review and synthesis of  scientific literature
•    GIS analysis and mapping
•    All phases of technical/scientific project management related to aquatic resources projects, including restoration/protection planning, investigations, and syntheses of available information.
•    Expert witness work related to watershed and aquatic impacts and the adequacy of aquatic impact analyses.

Again, although Planeto Azul cannot afford to be picky, we are anyway, working only on projects that help protect and restore natural systems. There’s no need to waste anyone’s time by contacting us about work that doesn’t do this.

See recent projects (link) for examples of the expertise at Planeto Azul Hydrology


All rates for Planeto Azul Hydrology are sliding scale, with the bottom of the sliding scale at about 40-50% below market rates for comparable services and expertise. The rate generally increases with increasing complexity, but generally decreases with increasing importance to ecosystem protection and restoration. Ability-to-pay is sometimes factored into Planeto Azul’s rates. Reasonably incurred expenses are at cost, as are subcontract services. Humor is usually free.

Note:  Planeto Azul occasionally considers reduced rate work on some conservation issues for groups with a very limited ability to pay..the only way to find out is to ask.

Contact us to discuss specific needs and potential rates and budget.