Photos (left to right): Ephemeral stream, Death Valley NP, CA; Little Missouri River, Theodore Roosevelt NP, ND; Death Valley NP, CA; All photos by Jonathan J. Rhodes

About Planeto Azul

Planeto Azul Hydrology brings a wide spectrum of scientific experience and expertise to bear on the complex problems afflicting one of the most precious resources in the galaxy:  liquid water. Planeto Azul only works on projects that help to protect and restore watershed and aquatic systems.  Planeto Azul has expertise in how a wide variety of resource uses affect streams and watersheds, including water withdrawals, grazing, urbanization, mining, logging, agriculture, and roads and how to arrest and reverse aquatic and watershed damage. Planeto Azul also has access to additional expertise in GIS analysis, fish biology, botany, and soils.

We know what works on the ground and what doesn’t. While we understand the political contexts surrounding aquatic issues, we leave these to our clients. We don’t let political concerns color our work—we value professional integrity over financial gain or political favor. 
The rates at Planeto Azul are well below market, because we’re efficient and primarily interested in providing professional help for those working to protect and restore our aquatic heritage. And -- unlike most consultants and consulting firms -- we’re not trying to make a killing, but rather just a living.™

Although Planeto Azul can’t afford to be picky about work, we are anyway, working only on issues with substantial conservation value for clients held in high regard, regardless of the lucre involved in doing otherwise.