Feb ’07 - present. Client: Snohomish County, WA Geographic focus: South Fork Stillaguamish River (SFSR), WA. Project: Technical assistance in investigation of sediment transport and sedimentation of salmonid habitats in the SFSR.


Feb. ’07. Client: Center for Justice Geographic focus: Spokane River, Eastern WA. Project: Report evaluating the adequacy and scientific soundness of the bases used to justify proposed flow releases from a hydroelectric project under re-licensing on the Spokane River.


Mar. ’07. Client (pro bono): The public interest. Geographic focus: Western public lands Project: Two invited panel presentations at the International Environmental Law Conference at the Univ. of Oregon at Eugene: 1)  “Fuel Treatments & Thinning: Its Impacts and Low Priority Relative to Other Needed Restoration Measures,” and,  2) “The Impacts of Livestock Grazing on Water Quality and Trout Habitats,”