Feb. ‘05 Client (pro bono): The public interest and Lewis and Clark School of Law. Geographic focus: Western public lands Project: Invited guest lecture, “Postfire Watershed Management on Western Public Lands,” for a course on public lands law,


April ’05 – Feb. ’07 Client: Pacific Rivers Council Geographic focus: Western public lands Project: “The Watershed Impacts of Forest Treatments to Reduce Fuels and Modify Fire Behavior” 

 The wide-ranging report brings to bear a synthesis a large amount of diverse literature combined with new analyses regarding the impacts of mechanical fuel treatments and fire on watershed and aquatic resources, the very limited potential of treatments to affect fire behavior, and the very low priority of such treatments with respect to aquatic restoration. The report also provides a number of recommendations, including those that would improve the potential effectiveness of fuel treatments, limit their adverse impacts, and help restore aquatic systems on public lands, which are pervasively and severely degraded.


May ’05.  Client: Washington Forest Law Center Geographic focus: WA timberlands Project:  Comments on DEIS For the Proposed Issuance of Multiple Species Incidental Take Permits or 4(d) Rules Covering the Washington State Forest Practices Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). The comments summarized the many defects in the DEIS with respect to aquatic impacts and the many significant inadequacies of the HCP with respect to protection of ESA-listed salmonids and their habitats on private timberlands.


Oct. ’05.  Client: Pacific Rivers Council Geographic focus: 11 National Forests in the Sierra Nevada, CA Project: Expert witness testimony on the inadequacy of the analysis of impacts of logging, roads, and landings in the Supplemental EIS for the modified Sierra Nevada Framework Plan (SNFP).  The SNFP covers 10 national forest and part of another. The administration modified the original plan to greatly increase logging under the rubric of fuel treatments.