Mar. ’04 Client (pro bono): The public interest. Geographic focus: Western public lands Project: Invited panel presentation at the International Environmental Law Conference at the Univ. of Oregon at Eugene:  “Postfire Watershed Restoration.”


Mar. ’04.  Client (pro bono): Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project Geographic focus: Ochoco National Forest (ONF), Interior OR Project: Expert witness testimony on how the ONF’s Bandit II Logging Project would further degrade the already damaged streams, water quality, and riparian areas affected by the project. The litigation successfully enjoined the project until an EIS was completed that fully analyzed the project’s aquatic impacts.


Aug. ’04.  Client: Wild Watersheds Geographic focus: Northern New Mexico Project: Summary of the watershed and aquatic impacts associated with harmful proposal to log a municipal watershed, including inventoried roadless areas, on the Sante Fe National Forest, New Mexico under the rubric of reducing fuels and the severity of future fires.  In September ’04, the project proposal was put on hold due to the appeal by Wild Watersheds.

Aug. ’04. Client: Wild Salmon Center Geographic focus: State lands, NW OR  Project: Contributions to the report “Biodiversity on the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests: A Scientific Assessment of the Relative Merits of the Oregon Department of Forestry’s ‘Structure-Based Management’ versus the Proposed 50-50 Plan” by Perry, Anthony, Benda, Huntington, Luoma, Noss, and Schowalter.  The contributions focused on evaluations of the effects of timber operations and associated activities on streamflow and surface erosion under the two management scenarios.